Kathryn Sue M. Smith

Born Kathryn Sue Marchant in 1954, I was raised on a 100 acre farm by my parents, Ella & Eston Marchant, along with two sisters and a brother.  I never remember a time when I wasn't drawing.  I was completely in love with the art of Vincent Van Gogh.  My teachers encouraged me to draw with all my assignments.  It helped with my grades in my less favorite classes. 

I have loved fine art, dance and literature my entire life.  I would watch Mikhail "Misha" Baryshnikov on PBS when quite young and fancied myself one day becoming a great ballerina.  Then, later in high school I began designing my own clothes and thought of a career in design, but lo' I ventured from that path and raised a family and have just returned to my first passion, art, in 2012 with the encouragement of my sons, Jeremy and Sean and husband, Ron Clinton Smith.  

 The objective of art is to evoke emotion.  I hope my art is evocative to you in some way. 

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Self-Portrait in charcoal.

Self-Portrait in charcoal.